All About Child Obesity And Its Prevention

Do you know what food and what type of lifestyle your children has? Maybe you are saying that you are just satisfying your child’s food whims. But, perhaps you are already pushing your child into becoming obese. Think of the kind of foods you feed your child with. You feed your child pizza, burgers, fries, and loads of soft drinks. After consuming high calorie foods, you and your child do not think of ways of staying healthy. Instead, your child slacks around your house, staying in front of the television and computer for several hours. When you ask him or her favor to do household chores or to just go upstairs, your child becomes too lazy to do anything. All he or she does is eat, sleep, and watch television.

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The rate of people who are obese continue to grow nowadays especially with the presence of highly processed foods and fast food products in the market. This alarming growth includes the obesity cases in children. As of the moment, one in every five children in the United States is overweight or obese. In 2010, 18 % of children under the ages six years old to eleven years old were obese. What is worse is that their state of being obese makes them prone to more serious diseases compared to adults suffering obesity.

Obesity in children can be caused by several factors. Obesity can be a result of genetics or other medical complications. It can be caused by eating disorders such as binge eating. Most commonly, judging from the lifestyles of children today, it is because of poor eating habits. Consuming high calorie foods without any physical exercise can lead to being overweight and later obese.

Staying healthy is an important mindset to instill on to someone especially at a very young age. Staying healthy should be a priority. That is why it is better to prevent your child from suffering obesity by starting today even if you think your child’s weight is normal.

First, train your children as early as possible to like fruits and vegetables. Most kids regard vegetables as disgusting food. Be creative when preparing snacks. Instead of pizzas and fries, feed them delicious looking vegetables and fruits. Invite your children to go out to the park and play with their friends. Also, encourage your child to do more activity than just chatting with someone over the internet. Let your child join a sport or any fun activity in your neighborhood. As a parent, it is important to become a model for your child. Engage yourself in physical activity and in a healthy lifestyle so that you will be a good influence to your child. It is better to start early in staying healthy.

Tips For Staying Healthy

Staying healthy is about quality of life. Instead of giving up the things one loves, enhance what already exists. A lot of that involves letting go of the unchangeable and focusing on the positive.

Stress has become the cause of many ailments among the human race. People internalize these feelings and it affects health, and relationships. Learn to meditate. This is a time where one can clear the mind of the day’s worries and focus on the new day.

A healthy sex life is one of the biggest boons to health. A couple of sessions of sexual activity actually increases immune defenses. Though you are not going to lose weight at a rapid pace, an especially active 30 minute encounter burns just under 100 calories.

Exercise is one of the cornerstones of staying healthy. It is also something many people ignore. Try it in increments. Start parking farther away from the entrance to buildings. Those few extra steps cannot hurt. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Ease into a 30 minute stroll three times a week and work toward an hour of power-walking five times a week. Find an activity one enjoys. Join a softball league or take a swim class. These all count as exercise.

Eating well does not mean completely giving up chocolate cake or french fries. It does mean increasing the number of fruits, vegetables and whole grains one eats and reducing overall fat and sugar intake. Dessert and fried snacks should represent a small portion of what one eats each week. Instead of eating until full, try stopping right before that sensation. After a few minutes, the desire to clean one’s plate often disappears. Increase water intake. Once a person feels thirsty, they have already become dehydrated and dehydrated individuals mistake thirst for hunger and overindulge.

Maintaining regular medical and dental checkups is another aspect of health. When it is time to go in for a bi-annual teeth cleaning, prostate exam, mammogram and numerous other preventive options, do not miss the appointment. Individuals that go in at the first sign of of things like a misshapen mole or abnormal bleeding have a better chance at recovery. Seeing a dentist twice a year, not only protects teeth, but lowers the risk of plaque traveling from the mouth to the arteries.

Staying healthy is not based on one thing. Make small changes in lifestyle to create big changes overall.