Hospital Tips For Your Stay

Sooner or later everyone will spend some time in the hospital. While most do not look forward to the stay, there are some things to make the visit much more comfortable. These hospital tips can help to protect you and ensure you receive the best care.

At the admissions desk be prepared for a large number of questions including personal information such as social security number, employer and address. While some of the information asked is vital to your care, inform admissions personnel that you have concerns about giving too much information and ask that it be limited.

Once the admission process is completed, the hospital personnel will attach a plastic bracelet to your wrist. This bracelet is your identification. It includes information as to why you are in the hospital. Personnel should match the bracelet to orders before providing medication or completing any procedures. This can prevent medication errors. Once you go home, run the bracelet through a shredder to destroy encoded information.

Have a close friend or family member check on you in person each day you are at the hospital. Patients with few visitors are often neglected while those with responsible people watching out for them receive better care. Have the individual leave a phone number with the nurse’s station. Take a list of your family’s phone numbers as well.

If you have a problem, ask for a visit with the hospital patient representative. This person is your advocate. It is their job to intercede for you and you are not charged for their service.

Be sure every hospital staff entering your room washes their hands at the sink first. This is a key to preventing the most serious hospital borne bacteria (such as staph or MERSA). If a cell doctor or nurse answers their cell phone when caring for you, be sure they wash their hands before caring for you again.

While hospital stays are not fun, they are sometimes necessary. Be sure to keep these tips in mind when you are hospitalized. They can ensure you get better soon.  If you’re considering going on any fad diets please consult your doctor first, and go through sites with reputable name such as hcg1234.

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