Leading Services For USC University Hospital

The USC University Hospital is part of the prestigious Keck School of Medicine located in Los Angeles California. It is a private teaching institution which has been known for its excellent programs on heart, lung and vascular services. With state-of-the-art facilities and high quality services, the institute aims to address cardiovascular problems through specialized treatments and therapies.

Weight loss and digestive surgery is one of the main focuses of USC. Patients who are suffering from gastrointestinal diseases may seek help from USC’s top physicians and surgeons. The hospital is dedicated to providing safe and quality care to every patient. Surgeries are performed in rooms that are equipped with innovative medical equipment. After the operation, the patient stays in a comfortable room where everything he needs is provided including his own private bathroom.

Orthopedic and sports medicine are also included in the leading services for USC University Hospital. Only accredited orthopedic doctors and licensed occupational therapists work for USC giving patients a guaranteed cure for joint injuries and acute musculoskeletal concerns. More so, clinical treatment and pain management for cancerous tumors are also provided in the hospital.

In addition, USC is also a top choice when it comes to back and spine problems. Holistic approach is applied to help patients recover from a complicated spine illness. As much as possible, non-operative methods are used to cure the disease because not all spinal conditions require surgical treatment. The patient’s first option is to try massage therapy. In case the medication is not successful, the doctors will then advice him to undergo other methods such as steroid injections depending on his personal health needs. Take note also that these medical procedures can be risky so it is crucial to choose a hospital that has been proven to successfully cure patients.

The USC University Hospital is also popular in various transplant programs such as heart, kidney and bone marrow transplants. Since the institution is affiliated with UNOS (United Network of Organ Sharing), patients are able to find organ donors easier and faster. This gives hope to those who are looking for a possible donor of heart or lung but couldn’t find one.

Everything at USC University Hospital is designed for the goodness of the patients. Apart from the advanced facilities which every patient can access, families and loved ones can also send letters directly to his room while he is confined in the hospital. To top it off, USC also offers spiritual care regardless of religion and faith.

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