Pre-surgery Tips For Faster Recovery

While there are times that surgeries are performed in emergencies, most individuals have the luxury of planning for the operation. If you are planning an upcoming surgery, the following pre-surgery tips offer you a great way to get ready for the procedure physically and emotionally.

One of the first steps to a quick recovery is to stop smoking now. If you have several weeks, ask your doctor about prescription medication to help you stop using tobacco. The sooner you stop, the clearer your lungs will be on the day of surgery and the faster your recovery. At the very least, do not smoke on the day of the surgery.

Prepare your home for recovery. Hospital stays are shorter than ever today, and it is likely you will do a large portion of your recovery at home. Clean your room, vacuum and dust before heading to the hospital. Change the sheets and organize the room for comfort. Make sure there is a television with a remote as well as a phone that can be reached easily. Be sure to have the doctor’s phone number handy. A pitcher and glass for water can save a lot of trips to the kitchen for a drink. You might want to plan appropriate snacks that can stay in a bedside table. Tissues and hand lotion can help you to stay more comfortable.

Ice packs can be used to reduce the pain and swelling of surgery. If you do not have commercially prepared ice packs, you can make them using zip lock bags, water and rubbing alcohol. Mix the water and alcohol in a 3 to 1 ratio, place in the bag and seal so it does not leak. For use, wrap the icepack in a pillowcase and apply for 5-10 minutes several times daily.

Talk with the doctor about any vitamins or herbs you should take before the procedure. Arnica Montana can reduce bruising. Vitamin C aids in healing. Fresh pineapple can reduce swelling and multi-vitamins can boost the immunity.

By following a few pre-surgery tips now, you can be prepared for the operation when the time arrives. These tips can help you to heal faster and reduce complications later. Talk with your doctor about other preparations to make.

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